Honghong Bai
Time: Jan 19, 2022

Honghong Bai is currently a post-doctoral researcher in collaboration with Prof. Stella Christie at Child Cognition Center, Tsinghua Lab of Brain and Intelligence. Dr. Bai received her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology from Southern China Normal University in 2011. After working as a network manager and IT supporter for a year, Dr. Bai started her master’s study in Developmental and Educational Psychology at Shaanxi Normal University in 2012 and graduated from there in 2015. Afterwards, she started her Ph.D. traject with a focus on creativity in young children at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and obtained her doctoral degree in 2021. The research findings of her master’s and Ph.D.’s projects have been published in national and international journals. During the Ph.D. period, Dr. Bai has also worked as a part-time lecturer at Radboud University Nijmegen and University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

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