• Yifan Xu

    Postdoctoral fellow. Research interests are the neural mechanisms of musical structure. Before that, he studied music theory, piano performance and composition at Fujian Normal University and Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

  • Chen Hong

    Graduate student. Why do people like listening to music? It's something I've always wondered about. With the help of behavioral experiments and neural signal analysis, I tried to explore this problem from the perspective of chord and tonality.

  • Xin Shi

    Graduate student. The research direction is to explore the neural mechanism behind abstract rule learning by comparing human and marmoset.

  • Jiaoting Li

    Graduate student. Her research interest is the widespread pitch perception in human language and music. It mainly includes the neural mechanism of pitch perception, the neural mechanism of pitch memory and the mathematical model of brain pitch encoding.

  • Chaoqun Cheng

    Graduate student. His research interest is brain-inspired artificial neural networks, and he is committed to applying the complex information processing mechanism of the brain to impulsive neural networks.