Centre for Complex Network Intelligence (CCNI) at Tsinghua Laboratory of Brain and Intelligence intends to recruit a full-time administrative assistant
Time: May 29, 2023

1. About CCNI & THBI

CCNI adopts a transdisciplinary approach integrating information theory, machine intelligence and network science to investigate adaptive processes that characterize complex interacting systems at different scales, from molecules to ecological and socio-economic systems. THBI is a stand-alone interdisciplinary research institute established by Tsinghua University in 2017. THBI will house 10 independent research groups, one of which is CCNI. The institute aims to answer foundational questions about the nature of intelligence at all levels (cognition, brain, and artificial systems) through cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research efforts.

2. Details about the position

(1) Position: Administrative Assistant

(2) Number: 1 person

(3) Type of work: Full-time

(4) Location: Sancaitang building (Near the south gate of Tsinghua University, opposite to Wenjin International Hotel)

3. Job Description

1. Budget planning and pay roll management:

(i) Planning, organizing and maintaining the budget of CCNI.

(ii) Daily purchases, reimbursements, etc.

2. Grant application:

(i) Planning the calendar of grant applications along the year.

(ii) Investigating different sources of funding for CCNI.

(iii) Coordinating the submission of documentations for grant applications.

3. Human Resource:

(i) Assist in hiring process and handle the all entry procedures for candidates

(ii) Handle procedures of PhD students’ admission and enrolment.

4. Event organization:

(i)  Assist in holding academic salons, seminars and other activities of the CCNI;

(ii) Statistics and analysis of the data associated with the organized events.

5. Personal Assistant

Assist all foreigners in CCNI to study and work well and help them get used to new life in China as soon as possible.

6. Lab Management

(i)  Record attendance and holidays of all members in CCNI.

(ii) Group conference room order

(iii)Other lab management assignments

7. Other tasks assigned by director.

4. Requirements


i. Bachelor or Master degree in computer science, engineering, physics, biology, economics and management.

ii. Excellent written and oral English and Chinese ability.

iii. Excellent ability to use Office software such as MS Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

iv. Good communication and coordination skills and strong motivation and commitment to work.


i. Job experience and degree in foreign countries is preferred.

ii. Experience in university administration is preferred.

iii. Basic ability to program in MATLAB or Python is preferred.

5. Remuneration and welfare

(i) Sign contract with Tsinghua University and enjoy the benefits of non-establishment personnel in Tsinghua University, including social insurances and house fund.

(ii) Work in an international environment with all in English.

6. Job Application

Applicants should send your English CV to all these three addresses:




Please name the email subject as ‘Name + CCNI + administrative assistant.

For more information, please visit the website